Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finished corset belt

I think that it needs some more stuff attached to it, but here it is on it's test run at the Show With No Name this past Saturday. The belt has got a couple of chains with coins I've attached, and tassels taken from a tribal belt I took apart. Looking to maybe take strips of purple silkie and attach "skirts" to each block. Hmmmm... Time to experiment!

I also made some armbands to match, but they're gonna have to be taken apart and re-worked. I tried to make it with elastic - mistake. They didn't stay up, and had to use hair elastics around my arms for the performance, cutting off the circulation. Ow.

And, I've got enough of the fabric left in my stash that I may go ahead and do a corset bra too...zagarheet!

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