Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love Spring, but hate the allergies

Had the first allergy attack of the year. Bleck! Left work early yesterday, as I was one large ache and could hardly breathe. Today is much much better! We like allergy meds!

Hey, I wanted to share the finished product of my cardboard loom. I think I'm gonna make a cellphone case to carry around the phone when I'm out walking the dogs, or just to have something small to carry essentials instead of the big bag purse. I will make another part of it, as this is one side with a flap (the photo shows the bag upside down - oops!). The flap will fold over the other section I've yet to make, and then I'll fasten it with a magnetic snap. A long woven band for the strap will be the last thing I'll add. It's been great fun making this, but will have to put it aside until I finish the corset belt, as I need to get that done for a performance in early April.

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  1. Hey! can see the profile now... 2 blogs... ambitious (says the girl with four!)